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It is the role of the Treasury to provide advice on effective tax and retirement income arrangements that contribute to the overall fiscal outcome, influence strong sustainable economic growth for the good of the Australian people. The Treasury is responsible for assessing and advising on the general design of the tax system and its components, and retirement income policy, in relation to economic efficiency, equity, income distribution, budgetary requirements and economic feasibility.


  •  - Open53 days left to have your say

    The Government today has released for public consultation an exposure draft of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Regulations 1999 and explanatory materials. The existing GST Regulations are due to sunset, and must be remade before 1 April 2019. The existing regulations include rules dealing with registration thresholds, tax invoice thresholds, the […]

  •  - Open45 days left to have your sayConsultation Paper

    The Government is seeking comments from interested parties on its proposed approach to implementing the 2018-19 Budget measure: Tax Integrity — taxation of income for an individual’s fame or image, which will apply from 1 July 2019. The measure aims to ensure that all remuneration (including payments and non-cash benefits) provided for the commercial exploitation […]

  •  - Open29 days left to have your say

    On 2 November 2018, the Treasurer announced a package of measures to ensure that the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax better reflects Australia’s petroleum industry. The Government has today released for public consultation exposure draft legislation and explanatory material giving effect to the measures that change the uplift rates and remove onshore projects from the PRRT.

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